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About Us

We Make Beautiful Things

About Us

Happy the Hens, better the Eggs.

Eggsmen’s Free Range Eggs is a well-established contract Farming run as well as Cooperative business with farms in Vidharbha & marahtwada. In our farms hens are free to roam on our beautiful and fertile land, resting at night in spacious safe barns. Eggs laid by hens that are out in the sunshine, eating green grass and other natural food found in the pasture..

It's no accident that Customers love the Eggsmen’s Free Range and Cage free Eggs brand. It's taken years of farmers who understand what ethical farming means to our land, our animals and our health - building a brand to become one of most recognizable and trusted in India. On a world scale we're a humble family owned and operated business, quietly and ethically producing what we believe to be the highest quality free range eggs. Our premium free range eggs are a great pantry staple and are sold nationwide into leading supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, retailers, cafés and restaurants. Our story


Our Specialities

Certified humane

means that the food comes from farms where Humane Farm Animal Care's precise, objective standards for the humane treatment of farm animals are implemented.

standerd free range & cage free

Certified Humane standards for free range require only 2 square feet per bird—much less than Farm Fresh Egg’s standards which are in accordence with RSPCA guidelines .

Our Team

If business was just about money, then we wouldn't be doing this for while.




Our chief evangelist. His vision is to see the local communities survive and thrive. After his corporate stint for 5 year's at India's largest vertically integrated organic cotton company, Kush has pledged to help rural communities, spreading awareness of variations in poultry practises.




Operation extraordinaire with 10 hands instead of two,, a quick learner, also the youngest in the team, with a heart of gold, he wants to outperform himself. He was aware of the unethical standards and malpractices in the industry. Quick to action with ready instincts thus became the technical backnone of the company.




Ashish came back from UK to fulfill his urge to be an entrepreneur & has joined the Account, Finance & marketing department as an outreach specialist as a resultant of vast experience he has.


Shubham Kar Chaudhari

marketing head

President of the Food Truck Association, entrepreneur in the organic food space, running farmeres markets and having working with multiple food businesses. He treats the eggs like a chicken, would not like a businessman.