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Our Farm

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Our Farm

Happy the Hens, better the Eggs.

Eggsmen Organics eggs mostly originate from three beautiful rural properties located in Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra where very low water level is present. The Marathwada and Vidarbha region is noted for its temperate climate, clean air, and excellent water quality with heavy rainfall during rainy season.

These properties have impressive stands of trees, along with smaller copses that also provide shade and shelter for our hens.

We are very picky about the farms that join the Eggsmen family. They must provide a very similar environment, and the farmers themselves must be as passionate about and committed to hen welfare as we are.

Its the oldest form of poultry in rural India which is purest and most sustainable throughout the civilization. These Backyard Farms have the ability to produce quality pastured raised eggs[free range and cage free] by utilizing careful farm management and hens care.

We have covered total area of 45000 Sq. Ft. long under our farming cotract. And day by day this area is increasing rapidly. As we have covered some cities of Marathwada and Vidarbha region, we are now expanding our farming area to more cities.

You are glad to know the number of hens we are currently having. And that count is 15000 birds in Commercial contract Farming(these includes both i.e. Free range and Cage Free). And we are planning to increase this count to 50000 birds in upcoming 6 months.

These are the family of 10000 birds in Co-operative Farming(ACTIVE currently)


We have proposed 30000 birds for our Co-operative based Backyard Poultry Projects.

This are the number of Farms Under Contract Farming of the some cities of Marathwada and Vidarbha vidarbha. And the most important thing is its Production Capacity is Active. We have maintained it very well and always looking to improve it more.

These are the some villages of Yavatmal, Sangamner, Pune and Mumbai where we are Actively running projects with the help of small farmers to help them also so that their life will strengthen and their Socio Economic Condition will improve.